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The PoorMan Icon
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PoorMan is your humble web-serving servant

I spent most of my life as a drifter, riding the rails with all my worldly posessions tied up in my bandana. I ate cold beans from a can and sang songs with Boxcar Willie. I couldn't hold a regular job. All day long I would daydream about TCP/IP and the HTTP protocol.

I was ready to accept my lot in life as a wandering hobo, but Be came to my rescue. They recognized my potential and gave me a chance. Now, I work around the clock to serve up your web pages.

I'm easy to work with. Simply launch me, and tell me what directory I should start serving from. Heck, I'll even create a default directory for you if you want! I'll keep a record of the pages I've served, so you can monitor when people are pointing their web browsers at your machine.

Just call on PoorMan, and your website will be up and running in seconds.

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