[Docs] "The universal reaction when people saw the product was 'I didn't know a PC could do that,' " -- Claude Leglise, Vice-president of the content group at Intel,as quoted in a ZDNet article.

The computing industry applauds the BeOS®.

The industry is astounded by the new horizons opened up by BeOS®. Previously difficult or impossible demands on other operating systems are suddenly enabled by BeOS, and vendors are quick to realise this.

Take Level Control Systems* for example. LCS manufactures computerized audio control systems that are used in Broadway Theatre, themed retail stores, dozens of theme parks, cruise ships, and even the Winter Games in Nagano. They ported their software to BeOS after encountering multi-threading and interrupt-level debugging limits on the MacOS. Says Steve Ellison, CEO and co-founder of LCS: "Because the O/S has been designed to use multiple CPUs from the ground up, we're provided with tremendous growth potential as our systems become more complex... Now our systems will exceed 10 times that amount."

On the hardware side, Intel* Semiconductors, best known for their Pentium brands of microprocessors, has invested in Be, Incorporated. In fact, Andy Grove, chairman of Intel, recently opened his keynote speech by demonstrating the BeOS to his captive audience.


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