[Docs] "Suffice to say, Be is kicking ass and taking names. " -- Scot Hacker, ZDNet.

Engineered for peak performance: The BeOS®.

The BeOS® system architecture draws on several key advances in computer technology to be the ultimate cutting-edge operating system in the world.


We have designed BeOS with the capability to fluidly allow multi-tasking, with the ability to launch multiple applications within seconds, and allow them all to run concurrently with absolutely no-risk of system failure. In fact, you need never reboot your system.* BeOS will divide your computer's time efficiently and effectively, delivering to you responsive, dependable, and truly real multi-tasking, something that the other systems have always promised but never honestly delivered.

BeOS is also a completely multiprocessor-aware and compliant operating system. Working closely with vendors such as Intel, we have optimized our architecture to perform at superior speeds on Pentium(r) II processor- and PowerPC-based systems, to deliver maximum multimedia computing power.*

In addition, BeOS is available in English, Japanese, French and German. More languages will follow!

Visit our main website to learn more about the other advanced computing technologies we have incorporated into BeOS®.

(*Based on tests performed on applications written to Be's specifications. Spurious results may occur due to unique system configurations. The BeOS supports multiple processors.)


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