[Docs] "Suffice to say, Be is 'kicking ass and taking names.' " -- Scot Hacker, ZDNet.

What everyone is saying about the BeOS®.

"We aren't born with the ability to tell the difference between a cheap wine and a fine Cabernet -- we need to spend time experiencing, sipping, and comparing wines before the crucial differences begin to emerge. Once you get hooked on San Francisco coffee, it's a hardship to travel the country getting your java from truckstops... I've come to think of BeOS as a gourmet operating system. Call me a snob if you will, but I enjoy my machine time a lot more than I used to."
-- Scot Hacker, ZDNet.

"BeOS is, unequivocally, the most technically advanced operating system for personal computers on the market."
-- Ken Burnside, Desktop Journal

"We have achieved significant improvements in the visual quality and the complexity of transitions and effects. With the BeOS, we were able to take advantage of its superior handling of multimedia content while utilizing more cost effective hardware."
-- William Dunning, President of Envision, Inc.

"Using the BeOS reveals a lot of forethought and planning in its user interface. There are some aspects which are Mac-like, others that were borrowed from Windows, and still other aspects taken from NeXT, plus a lot of home-brewed innovation."
-- Ken Burnside, Desktop Journal

"The introduction of the BeOS from Be, Inc... is one of the most important events for scientific/technical computing to come along in the last decade."
-- Richard L. Peskin, Scitech Journal, Jan-Mar 1998.

"BeOS is a modern operating system; object oriented and with complete multithreading and multiprocessing support. This is the reason why CINEMA 4D and BeOS represent a perfect symbiosis."
-- Product manager Michael Giebel, of Maxon Computer, on porting their award-winning CINEMA 4D software to BeOS

"As the Internet expands, and as the digital medium becomes more relevant to our day-to-day existence, the high-performance demands of digital content design are starting to conflict with the complex, aging architectures of current mainstream operating systems."
-- Wee Chun Chuan and Raslan Sharif, In-Tech Online

"Technically, BeOS is outstanding, offering performance and advanced features unmatched by anything else available."
-- Peter Worlock, Digit Magazine issue #3, August/September 1998

"Anyone serious about processor-intensive tasks such as audio or video editing should investigate BeOS."
-- Daevid Vincent, boot magazine, July/August 1998

"A warning for those who want to experiment with this OS. You may never go home again to see your chosen OS in the same light."
-- Christopher Robato Yao, 32 BITS Online. July 1998.

"If the point isn't clear as glass by now, I'll say it outright: BeOS and Linux complement one another, and make for great kissin' cousins on any hard drive."
-- Scot Hacker, ZDNet. July 98.

"The universal reaction when people saw the product was 'I didn't know a PC could do that,' "
-- Claude Leglise, Vice-president of the content group at Intel (as quoted in a ZDNet article.)


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