[Docs] "Using the BeOS reveals a lot of forethought and planning in its user interface. There are some aspects which are Mac-like, others that were borrowed from Windows, and still other aspects taken from NeXT, plus a lot of home-brewed innovation." -- Ken Burnside, Desktop Journal.

Get the exciting BeOS®.

Get the got BeOS R4

Get your BeOS CD-ROM today* and join the exciting revolution that's sweeping the computing community!

BeOS is available in English*, Japanese, French and German!

The BeOS CD-ROM is provided in a hybrid format and our 1998 COMDEX special pricing is only $69.95 USD for both the PowerPC and Intel implementations of BeOS, giving you cross-platform versatility out-of-the-box.

If you're a programmer, all the tools you need to start developing today are included in the package, and you get access to our solid technical support team should you run into any questions.

Start exploring the powerful BeOS today!

*(Note: We will start shipping the English version of Release 4 on December 23rd 1998, with other languages to follow. Users who purchased earlier releases qualify for an upgrade).


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