[Docs] "BeOS is a modern operating system; object oriented and with complete multithreading and multiprocessing support. This is the reason why CINEMA 4D and BeOS represent a perfect symbiosis." -- Product manager Michael Giebel, of Maxon Computer, on porting their award-winning CINEMA 4D software to BeOS.

The advanced BeOS® is empowering people everywhere.

People the world over are embracing the exciting opportunities provided by the BeOS. From graphics designers to audio and video producers, BeOS is the professional's choice.


Engineered to withstand the demands of high-powered rich-media computing, the BeOS core delivers time and again, effortlessly, dependably, and through a user-interface that is the result of two decades of ergonomics research.

BeOS provides a rock-solid PC environment for users to perform intense and mission-critical work. There is almost no risk of losing your work due to system instability, and BeOS draws every cycle of processing power from your hardware for fast and responsive computing.

For your personal workstation in the multimedia Internet age... Get BeOS.


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