[Docs] "The introduction of the BeOS from Be, Inc... is one of the most important events for scientific/technical computing to come along in the last decade."
-- Richard L. Peskin, Scitech Journal, Jan-Mar 1998.

Super Software for a Super Platform.

Take your pick: Multimedia guru or hard-core programming hacker; Internet fanatic or data monster.

The BeOS® gives you the ultimate hosting platform for your applications. From general productivity packages, to high-end audio and visual powerhouses, to powering your MIDI studio, you've got it all with the BeOS.

  • Integrated home-office packages such as Gobe Productive and Be Basics.

  • Image Editors like Becasso, Boo, e-Picture, and ImageElements.

  • A/V and 3D editors such as Cinema4D, personalStudio, studioA, and UltraDV.

  • Audio and MIDI editors including AudioElements, Aural Illusion, studioPlayer, and ObjektSynth.

  • Revolutionary Internet power-tools such as Adam, Cult3D, h.Scribe, Mail-It, and Pe.

  • You can even link to your PalmPilot™ with BePlan.
Check out our growing list of commercial software or pick up a copy of our Solutions Guide.

And don't forget the thousands of BeOS shareware programs out there on the Internet.


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