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If I have problems with the BeOS, what do I do?

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The BeOS:
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The place to start for BeOS support of any kind is the Be web site:


There you will find a wealth of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), documentation, software updates, and even sample code. If the information you require is not there, you will also find a BeAssisted form that can be used to submit questions to any of the Be support email addresses.

You can also send your questions directly to Be. We have several mechanisms to handle your different questions:

  • Customer Tech Support -- for questions regarding set up, installation, configuration and compatibility of the BeOS or other technical questions that are not about programming or coding

  • custservice@be.com -- for assistance with obtaining any of our products, questions about an order, or for questions about maintenance and warranty of your BeBox.

  • devsupport@be.com -- for registered developers who need technical and coding assistance from our developer technical support staff

  • devservices@be.com -- for developers with developer-specific, non-technical issues including lost developer passwords, changing name or company information in the developer database, moving files in the BeWare section, and the like.

If all of this web searching and e-mail does not do the trick, you can call us. We are available Monday through Friday, between 6am and 6pm (Pacific time) for people in the Western hemisphere and 8am to 8pm GMT for those of you in the Eastern Hemisphere.

US and Pacific Rim Customer Support (English language only):

(972) 389-3740

European Customer Support Lines :

Country International National
France +33 155 212535 0155 212535
Germany +49 619697 5036 0619697 5036
UK +44 181 230 3134 0181 230 3134
Sweden +46 8 402 8633 08 402 8633
BeNeLux (office located in Belgium) +32 (0) 70 233857

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