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Is there a Be/BeBox/BeOS newsgroup?

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The BeOS:
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Yes, actually there are five of them!
  • comp.sys.be.advocacy: the standard "our computers are better than their computers" group. Unmoderated.
  • comp.sys.be.announce: announcements of new developments in the Be world, including new software (Be and third-party). Moderated (but not by Be).
  • comp.sys.be.help: questions and answers to BeOS and BeBox difficulties. Unmoderated.
  • comp.sys.be.misc: various topics not covered elsewhere. Unmoderated.
  • comp.sys.be.programmer: technical discussions of programming problems and techniques for the BeOS.
Additionally, there is at least one foreign language newsgroup, de.comp.os.be. This group is in German.

Please note that these groups are not moderated by anyone at Be (though people from Be do read them regularly), nor is the information presented there verified by Be. They are typical free-form Internet newsgroups.

There are also a couple of Be mailing lists that your can subscribe to. See our mailing lists page for more info.

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