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BeOS for Intel


Why doesn't my XYZZY (that is, any random add-in) card work?

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BeOS for Intel:
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We've noticed that many hardware system's "Plug-and-Play" support can cause some hardware, particularly add-in cards and serial ports, to be unrecognized or nonfunctional while using the BeOS.

If you're experiencing problems getting hardware to work that should be supported by the BeOS, be sure you have turned off "Plug-and-Play" support in the BIOS hardware configuration menu that you can access at boot time (usually by pressing the F1 function key).

If that doesn't work, we also recommend turning off USB and any power management features your system provides.

The BeOS will be providing explicit support for these technologies in the future, so when you upgrade to new releases, you'll probably want to turn these things back on.

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