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BeWare Highlights

BeWare Highlights are reviews review of some of the great BeWare applications that come our way. BeWare Highlights offer an in-depth look at product features, and screen shots which let you see the product in action.


This Month's BeWare Highlight

This month's BeWare Highlight is Hekkelman Programmatuur's Pe -- Programmers Editor, a programmers editor for writing code and authoring HTML.


Previous BeWare Highlights

  • ImageElements, a professional graphics creation and manipulation package.
  • Mail-It, a solid, feature-ful email package
  • 3D Starchart, an astronomy application for viewing information about stars
  • BeNFS Server and Client, a Network File System Server and Client
  • Felix, a freeware IRC client with a Graphical User Interface
  • Sum-It a spreadsheet application
  • Kftp, a freeware FTP client with a Graphical User Interface


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