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What large developers are supporting the BeOS? That is, what "big names" do you have working on BeOS software?

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The BeOS:
Third-Party Software
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With the shipment of the BeOS Release 4, there are many companies are interested in the BeOS, but only a few are ready to discuss their plans publicly. A number of large developers are registered Be developers but haven't announced plans for the BeOS at this time.

A few of the biggest names include MGI, Steinberg, and Maxxon, who are all writing BeOS versions of either their existing commercially successful or next-generation applications. You can peruse our Press Releases section for news regarding the numerous (and growing) "brand name" developers who are working on BeOS-based products:


In general, though, while large established developers are important, we believe the BeOS offers a unique and excellent opportunity for small innovative developers for several reasons. There are no established competitors, the API is lean so your don't need a huge team of engineers to create a product, and Be is aggressively investing in electronic distribution so even small developers can afford to get their products into customers hands.

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