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Is Adobe going to port to the BeOS? When will Adobe Photoshop be available for the BeOS?

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The BeOS:
Third-Party Software
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While many of the established companies, including Adobe, are registered Be developers, we expect much of the early development on the BeOS to come from smaller developers and new developers. New developers have several advantages in the BeOS compared to established developers:
  • they have less legacy code to support
  • they can start from scratch to take advantage of BeOS capabilities rather than having to rework existing code
  • they don't have to steal resources from highly profitable existing products
  • they are willing to take risks
  • they have new ideas

It is important to note that most innovative new products come from new/small developers rather from the established companies. Photoshop, Video Toaster, and Electric Image are three examples of products that established whole new categories and came from the minds of couple of developers.

If there is a particular application you would like to see on the BeOS it doesn't hurt to ask for it, as it is customer demand that drives product decisions like this.

You can give feedback to Adobe at:


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