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The BeOS
Technical Tidbits


If the BeOS is so portable, does this imply that you plan to port the BeOS to other systems?

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The BeOS:
Technical Tidbits
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While we aren't against porting per se, Be is a small startup company and are currently very focused on delivering the BeOS for the Intel and PowerPC platforms, and on working to help our developers build great BeOS applications.

Technically the portability of the BeOS is inherent in the almost complete (95%) high-level code used to implement the BeOS.

The kernel portions that rely on our hardware are both flexible and isolated to allow crossing platforms. And we've done it before; the BeOS has already moved from one processor (AT&T's Hobbit processor) to two others (the Pentium processor and the PowerPC processor).

But we're not in any hurry to port to more.

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