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The BeOS
Technical Tidbits


How much of the BeOS is portable and how much is tied to a specific processor or hardware architecture?

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The BeOS:
Technical Tidbits
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At Be, we believe there is no such thing as portable code, only code that has been ported. In other words, we believe in doing rather than theorizing.

With that in mind, more than 95 percent of the BeOS has been ported (rather than being re-written from scratch), three times now. The Intel chip is the third processor the BeOS has been implemented on, the PowerPC chip was the second, and AT&T's Hobbit (also called CRISP) processor, which was the basis for our original (and never released) hardware design, was the first.

Read the Be headers for some of the (tongue-in-cheek) possibilities of other processors we're thinking of (hint: check in kernel/OS.h):


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