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Does the BeOS support name server (DNS) configuration by a DHCP server?

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Unfortunately, no, not at this time. While your IP address can be server assigned, your DNS information cannot.

This is a feature which many Windows 98 customers take advantage of with their ISP, having virtually all of their network configuration done by servers at the ISP. At this time, however, you must manually configure your domain and host names, and your primary and secondary DNS (name server) entries in the BeOS.

To find the necessary information, visit your ISP's web site, and look in their Help section for information about configuring Mac OS clients. The Mac OS (prior to version 8.5) also requires that name server information be entered manually, so your ISP should have the primary and secondary name server addresses information in their Mac OS instructions, when they tell you what to put into the "Name server addr.:" field of the TCP/IP control panel (on systems using Open Transport).

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