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BeOS for Intel


Why did Be develop the BeOS for Intel Architecture?

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BeOS for Intel:
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We commissioned a study from some top industry analysts, and they came back and told us there were a lot of Intel Architecture PCs out there... ;-)

Actually, our motivations are simple: To offer the BeOS to the widest possible customer base, and to provide the maximum number of BeOS "seats" to which our developers can sell their BeOS applications. Quoting from the press release:


"Our goal is to meet the needs of customers doing digital content design -- no matter what hardware platform they may be using.", said Jean-Louis Gassée, president and CEO of Be, Inc. "BeOS for Intel opens the door for an even broader customer audience to take advantage of our technology. At the same time, we will expand the market -- the business foundation -- for BeOS software developers. BeOS for Intel represents an acceleration of our company's strategy, and we're looking forward to the opportunities the move represents."

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