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The BeOS
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How do I get a screen shot of the BeOS to my other system? How do I use it in Photoshop?

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The BeOS:
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BeOS screen shots are stored in the "targa" standard graphic format. You should find accessing screen shots taken under the BeOS to be fairly easy.

You should be able to work with these files using the excellent GraphicConverter, available for both the BeOS and Mac OS.

The following is a method to move BeOS screen shots from a BeOS machine to the Mac OS, and edit them in Photoshop for placement on the Web.

  1. Take a screen shot, by pressing the PrintScreen key (F13). The screen shot file will appear in your /boot/home/ directory, with a file name like "screen01.tga".
  2. FTP, or otherwise transfer the file to the system where you use Photoshop.
  3. In Photoshop (or any other graphics application which can open Targa graphic files), open the file by dragging it onto the application's icon, or by choosing File/Open in the application and selecting the file in the Open dialog box.
You now have the screen shot open in a Photoshop window, which you can save into native Photoshop format, or any other format that Photoshop supports, such as GIF or JPEG.

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