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I am attempting to upgrade my BeBox 66 to the latest BeOS release. When I try to update the flash ROM, I get an error message, and when I look on the boot choices screen, it still shows that I have a DR8.x ROM in the BeBox. What's wrong?

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You have a BeBox with a revision level 5 logic board. Among other differences, BeBoxes before revision level 6 had a smaller flash ROM chip. This flash ROM chip is too small to hold the entire ROM image for the latest releases of the BeOS. This makes it impossible to upgrade to the BeOS on these machines.

We tried many possible solutions, but none of the options proved viable. In the end we simply upgraded Rev. 5 BeBoxes to Rev. 6 BeBoxes, at no charge.

This generous program was offered for nearly 2 years. However, our program for this upgrade has expired, and we are no longer able to upgrade BeBox systems to newer revision levels. If you are the owner of a Rev. 5 or lower BeBox, you can contact custservice@be.com to see what other options might be available, and at what cost.

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