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I currently run WebSTAR and ListSTAR Software on a PowerPC server and need a second server. Will the BeOS platform be a great idea, or do I have to get Quarterdeck to port their software over first?

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Third-Party Software
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A number of companies are working on various Internet tools for the BeOS, but it sure wouldn't hurt to ask Quarterdeck about their product plans for the BeOS ;-).

You can give feedback to Quarterdeck/Star*Nine by sending them mail at suggest@starnine.com.

In the meantime you might want to check out the port of Apache to the BeOS, Zorro from LittleBig Software Engineering or diner from stegemann & stegemann.

Read more about the Apache port here:


You can read more about Zorro on the LittleBig web site:


You can read more about Diner on the stegemann & stegemann web site:


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