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BeOS® Reseller Program


European, African and Middle Eastern Resellers should visit the BeEurope Reseller Information page.

- Detailed BeOS Reseller Program Information
- Ordering Information

Dear Reseller,

Thank you for visiting Be on the web.

The Alternative OS market is really taking off and we're looking for computer hardware and/or software resellers who want to share our success. Whether you are a VAR/VAD (Value Added Reseller or Dealer), Retailer, PC Assembler, Systems Integrator or a combination of any of these we are ready to meet your needs and those of your customers.

The Be Operating System (BeOS), which delivers breakthrough computing power, is receiving considerable media attention. The BeOS logo in your ads will bring enthusiasts into your store or to your products.

Retailers - The BeOS runs on the computers you sell now and is an excellent add-on sale. Also, the BeOS is creating a demand for multiprocessor machines which make you more money.

OEMs/Integrators/VARs - Are you tired of offering pretty much the same hardware as your competitors, perhaps at a slightly better price or with a slightly faster CD-ROM or modem? The BeOS can be a key differentiator, adding significant value to your products. It can be installed on the hard drive alone, or right along with Windows, Linux or other operating systems. At start-up your customers choose which OS to run.

Special Offer: You may request a free evaluation copy of our BeOS. We'll send you a complete, shrink-wrapped packaged copy of Release 4 (R4) of the BeOS, as well as a demonstration video and other information. Put the BeOS box where customers can see it and watch what happens.

To qualify for this special offer please FAX a copy of your Reseller Tax ID certificate, and include your name, store name and address, phone number and e-mail address to our reseller FAX line 650-462-4151.

Thank you,

Dave Johnson
Sales Manager, Retail Channels

Detailed BeOS Reseller Program Information including Ordering Information

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