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BeOS® Reseller Data Sheet (Except for Europe, Africa, Middle East)

Ordering Information

This document last updated: April 16, 1999

The Alternative OS market is really taking off and we're looking for computer hardware and/or software resellers who want to join in our success. Whether you are a VAR/VAD (Value Added Reseller or Dealer), Retailer, PC Assembler, Systems Integrator or any combination of these we are ready to meet your needs and that of your customers.

We're offering a simple introductory plan: If you purchase 5 or more boxes direct from Be, Inc. your price is $50 per box. These are full packages of the BeOS, ready to put on your shelf or install on a partition of the computers you sell. You can also purchase from distributors. Click here for ordering and distributor information.

If you are a distributor please contact us at for information on distributing the BeOS.

BeOS Product Description

The BeOS (pronounced "Be Oh Ess") is a complete operating system for personal computers. It is the first new operating system designed to unlock the door to much more powerful personal computers, and extract more performance from the systems we use today. More technically, the BeOS is a modern operating system utilizing preemptive multitasking, pervasive multithreading and multiprocessor support. It can coexist with Windows, running on a partition of the hard disk and allowing you to choose which operating system to use at the time you start the computer.

Target Audience

The current target audience consists of computer users who wish to experience the latest in software technology. Many great applications are available now and key developers are working hard on new ones. As media applications become available we will expand our Media OS campaign and will target prosumers engaged in Audio/Video content creation such as home users of video cameras, and musicians.

Features and Benefits

  • Price
  • Amazingly fast and responsive
  • Comes with many demo programs
  • Lots of software available, killer apps coming soon
  • Programmers - Complete C++ development tools included
  • Runs and performs on single or multi-processor systems
  • Easy installation - does not require removal of Windows
Sales Pitch
  • See how fast your computer really is!
  • Unlock the performance of your computer. Experience the power, speed and responsiveness of a modern, lightweight operating system on your own computer. You'll be surprised by how many programs, movies and sound files you can run, all at the same time. This is what computing will be like in the next century.
System Requirements

Please check the BeOS compatibility web page for details:

Receiving An Evaluation Copy

Our Reseller Kit contains a complete, boxed copy of Release 4 (R4) of the BeOS, a BeOS demo video, flyers and informational materials.

To receive our resller kit please FAX a copy of your Reseller Tax ID certificate, and include your name, store name and address, phone number and e-mail address to our reseller FAX line at 650-462-4151. Limit one per reseller.


The suggested retail price of the BeOS is $99.95. The current "introductory" retail price is $69.95.

Our direct reseller price is $50 per unit, with a minimum order of 5 units. Shipping charges are additional. Please check with your distributor for their reseller prices.

Distributors, please contact Dave Johnson at or 650-462-4168 for pricing.

How to Order

  • Buying From Distributors

    U.S. resellers can purchase from Frank Kasper and Assoc.:
    Phone: 612-942-0566 / 1-800-869-7667
    Fax: 612-942-5039

    Resellers in the music/audio industry can purchase from:
    Digital Edge Distribution:
    (800) 811-1991 - Dealer line
    (415) 285-9860
    fax (415) 285-9862

    Custom Technology Australia Pty Ltd:
    25/35 Old Northern Rd
    PO Box 991
    Baulkham Hills, NSW, 1755
    Phone: +61-2-9686-4055
    Fax: +61-2-9686-4377

    Xcel, 905-238-3588
    (French version available)

    912, 14 main, 4 Cross
    Maruthi Circle
    Hanumantha Nagar
    BANGALORE 560 019
    Ph : +91-80-6606093
    Fax : +91-80-6671407

    Solvit Hightech:
    Kangnam-ku Dogog-dong 467-10 Suite 507
    Seoul, Korea (#135-270)
    Tel: (02) 577-8780
    Fax: (02) 577-8774

    SinoStar Technologies Inc.:
    22F, No.32, Lien Hsing St., Shi Chi
    Taipei, Taiwan
    Tel: 886-2-2649 0066
    Fax: 886-2-2649 0068

  • Buying Direct from Be

    To order send an e-mail message to or FAX the order to our reseller FAX line at 650-462-4151. (See payment terms below).

    We are currently setting up automated reseller ordering on, where you can order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The link to BeDepot automated reseller ordering will be located on this page.

    Payment Terms

    You can use Visa, MasterCard or a purchase order (see below).

    Purchase Orders

    Before you can use a purchase order we must have your company credit information on file. PO terms are Net 30. Each order must be accompanied by a PO for no less than five (5) units per order. The PO may be sent by FAX to 650-462-4151, or e-mail to with the following information: Purchase Order #, Bill to & Ship to addresses, Product SKU, Quantity for each SKU, Pricing for each product, Total Price, Shipping Method and requested ship date.


    Shipping is FCA (equivalent of FOB Point of Origin); we ship UPS Ground unless otherwise requested.

    Returns & Replacement Policy

    We accept returns of product after a minimum period of 60 days. Before 60 days we replace defective media, customer returns and old versions only, on a one-for-one basis. RMA (Return Materials Authorization) must be issued by Be prior to your sending software to be returned. Returns must be prepaid ground freight and no CODs.

    BeOS Software, Books and Other BeOS-Related Products

    Please visit our BeWare software catalog to discover the many titles available for use with the BeOS.

    Visit our page of third-party company contacts and links to their special reseller/OEM-oriented web pages.

    The BeOS Bible is the complete guide for the BeOS, and the first book on Be written with non-programmers in mind. There is a description here and here

    Marketing and Promotion

    You can purchase BeOS demo videos for $3 by sending an e-mail message to BeOS Demo CDs, data sheets and other items will be available here Q2, 1999.

    Logo Usage Guidelines

    Please check out logo usage guidelines at

    Box Dimensions/Weight

    The BeOS box is 2" x 8" x 10" and weighs 16 oz.

    Contact Information at Be, Inc.

    Dave Johnson, Sales Manager, Retail Channels,
    Frank Boosman, V.P. Business Development,

    Be, Incorporated
    800 El Camino Real, Suite 400
    Menlo Park, CA 94025

    Reseller e-mail address:
    Reseller FAX line: 650-462-4151

    This document does not create and is not intended to create an offer capable of acceptance, nor constitute acceptance of an offer previously made, nor created or memorialize any binding obligations on the part of either your company or Be, Incorporated.

    All prices and terms are subject to change without notice.

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