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Product Datasheet
CodeWarrior for BeOS
Integrated Development Environment


CodeWarrior for BeOS contains everything you need to begin software development on the BeOS, on any BeOS Ready system. Be and Metrowerks (http://www.metrowerks.com/) recently renewed their existing development relationship (See Press Release). Be now manages the strategic direction of the CodeWarrior Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the BeOS and Metrowerks will concentrate on delivering the best compiler, linker, and library technology for Be Developers.


The CodeWarrior Environment

CodeWarrior for BeOS includes an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) interface which has been adapted to utilize many features of the BeOS. This powerful and intuitive IDE interface has earned multiple awards and won programmers' hearts all over the world. Front-end/back-end architecture and state-of-the-art tools are just a couple of the reasons CodeWarrior is the development environment of choice for hundreds of thousands of programmers.

Now the same professional, reliable IDE is available to you with CodeWarrior Version 1.5 for BeOS. CodeWarrior for BeOS puts all the familiar CodeWarrior features at your fingertips: a BeOS PowerPC and Intel compiler and linker, an editor with syntax coloring and styling, headers & libraries, reference files and online documentation, useful C++ classes and sample code. With these tools and your imagination you can begin to harness the untapped power of the cutting-edge BeOS.


Languages supported

  • C/C++
  • Inline PowerPC assembly

Processors Supported

  • Intel Pentium, Pentium MMX, Pentium Pro, Pentium II
  • AMD K6
  • IDT WinChip C6
  • Cyrix 686mx
  • PowerPC 603, 604


  • C Compiler - NIST Certified ANSI C
  • C++ Compiler - closely tracks the emerging ANSI/ISO C++ standard


  • Supports C++ templates & zero runtime overhead exception handling
  • RTTI support
  • Global optimization for PowerPC C/C++ compilers
  • Instruction scheduling for PowerPC 603 and 604 processors
  • Metrowerks Standard Library (MSL) - for C and C++ includes source code
  • Sample code
  • Command line tools for generating resources
  • Online documentation for the IDE and the compilers in HTML format
  • Supports BeOS scripting
  • Supports plug-in enhancements


  • CodeWarrior BeOS native debugger (PowerPC Version)
  • Debug C and C++ code on BeOS

Minimum Requirements

  • BeOS Ready system running BeOS Release 3
  • 16MB of RAM minimum
  • 30MB of free disk space

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