This edition of the BeOS User's Guide accompanies the BeOS (TM) Release 3. This guide teaches you the basics of working with the BeOS on a BeBox (TM) or a Power Macintosh (TM) -compatible computer. It also familiarizes you with the Be user interface, and Be applications.

The BeOS User's Guide includes the following chapters:

Chapter 1, Learning BeOS Basics Covers all the basics of working with the BeOS user interface.

Chapter 2, Learning Be Application Basics The basic techniques for using Be applications: starting apps, opening files, typing and editing text, saving files, quitting, and other application-related tasks.

Chapter 3, Connecting to the Internet With BeOS Detailed information regarding configuring your BeOS system for networking.

Chapter 4, Using Internet Services Covers all there is to know about using Internet services with the BeOS, including the worldwide web, ftp, mail, and remote access.

Chapter 5, Customizing the BeOS How to use BeOS applications to customize the look and operation of your computer.

Appendix A: Using the BeOS Command Line Shell Running the BeOS from a command line terminal window.

Appendix B: BeOS Directory Structure Gives and overview of the directory (or folder) structure of the BeOS system.

Appendix C: The BeBox Guide BeBox-specific user information.

Appendix D: Working With the Mac OS Discusses working across platforms. Includes information on mounting hierarchical file system volumes, converting Macintosh TrueType fonts, and transferring files from networked Mac OS hosts to your BeOS.

In addition to this guide, you can also refer to the following:

The Be User's Guide, in lovely HTML, for BeOS Release 3.

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