Appendix C: The BeBox Guide

Appendix C: The BeBox Guide

Be, Inc., will continue to support BeBox hardware until January 1, 2000. This appendix contains information about installing the BeOS on a BeBox, along with general pertinent usage information.

You install BeOS Release 3 the same way you've installed previous releases. Before you install, however, follow these steps to upgrade the boot ROM:

1. Boot from the Release 3 CD.

2. In the /beos/etc folder, you'll see the ROMUpdater application and a file named bebox_bootmain.image.

3. Press the Control key and drag the bebox_bootmain.image icon onto the ROMUpdater icon.

4. A dialog tells you when the boot ROM has been upgraded.

5. Reboot and proceed with the Release 3 installation.

The Be User's Guide, in lovely HTML, for BeOS Release 3.

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