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The Be Line


This week, a short Tip about a great new online resource for BeOS users everywhere: The Be Line.

The Be Line is a new vehicle for Be to distribute information to users of the BeOS. It's intended to be an online magazine, with issues being published monthly (at least for now). Our goal is to teach and inform, and generally make using the BeOS more powerful and fun.

The first issue was numbered "0x00", which was an inside joke of two of the editors. It's the number zero in hexidecimal, and we were using a zero-based issue numbering scheme. We figured that since many of the early users of the BeOS are quite technical, they'd share in the joke. We've had our fun, and we'll switch to a more understandable numbering scheme with the next issue.

If you've already viewed The Be Line, you probably know that we're interested in your suggestions of how to make it better. D. Bugger asks you to send feedback to one address,, but unfortunately, due to some mail alias glitches here at Be, that address isn't working yet.

We're working on fixing that as soon as possible, but in the meantime, if you have suggestions or ideas for The Be Line team, just send them to Michael Alderete, at

Coming later this month (about two weeks), issue number two (really, 0x01 ;-) will pick up where issue 1 left off, and bring you more news of BeOS software, more news of what's coming in BeOS Release 4, a column from JLG, and an in-depth look at the new interface to Networking settings in Release 4. Thanks, and enjoy The Be Line!

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