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Mo' Better Mail


The BeOS Tip of the Week has been running for over a year. There are 56 Tips now, including this one, and that's a lot to put in a single long list. So, as you might know, Tips from 1997 are archived onto a separate page, as will 1998's Tips when we reach the end of this year.

Just because a Tip has been moved to the Archives doesn't mean it's no longer useful. In fact, many of the Tips in the Archives are the best Tips. They were written first because they were the most useful.

Among the best Tips are the ones that explain how to use and manage e-mail more effectively under the BeOS. To prove that, this week's Tip is a list of the baker's dozen Tips which are, in one way or another, useful to using e-mail.

I suggest you read these in order, from the earliest to the latest, because many of these Tips, particularly the ones written close together, build on lessons from previous Tips.

Happy e-mailing!

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