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The BeOS Compatibility Tester


The Tip Guy has three of his computers disassembled around him, in various stages of functionality, so this week's Tip is short and sweet.

Many people have requested that Be release an application that they could download to test their system(s) compatibility with the BeOS. We've wanted to do it for a long time, but the technical problem was that, when it comes down to it, the only way to test compatibility is to see if it runs. The BeOS itself is the best compatibility tester.

Of course, most people don't want to pay $70 (or more, overseas) to test their machine. Now they don't have to. Now anyone can buy the BeOS Demo CD, for under $10, and use it to test any system for BeOS compatibility. If the BeOS can be booted from the BeOS Demo CD, or by using a BeOS Boot Floppy with the Demo CD, your system is compatible. And the BeOS Demo CD is very portable -- take it with you when you're shopping for a new computer!

Here's a creative way to use the BeOS Demo CD to test your system's compatibility -- for free! After you've ordered and used the BeOS Demo CD to your heart's content, sell it to someone else interested in the BeOS. Go to a computer users group meeting, and offer it for the same price you paid for it. Then tell them to send it on down the line when they're finished with it!

That's right, you can start a chain reaction that will lead to the BeOS finding its way to all four corners of the globe. Or, maybe you'll just meet some interesting people to talk to about the BeOS. Either way, the BeOS Demo CD will be worth the money you paid for it. Get yours today!

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