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Look Out, Your Boss is Coming!


Have you ever played one of those games that had a "Boss" command, which would hide the game when your boss was coming and might see you goofing off? The boss feature was pretty standard in computer games for quite a while; some people considered it mandatory!

Well, at Be we take goofing off pretty seriously. That's why we built this feature into the BeOS! There's nothing like a "Boss Coming" feature implemented at the operating system level.

What's that, you say? You missed this feature, where is it? Ah, simplicity itself: Just set up a Workspace with something that looks like work, then switch to another Workspace and start your game (Axia, NerdKill, Doom, SpaceGirl, whatever).

Boss coming? Quickly hit Alt-~ (that's the tilda key), to switch back to the previous Workspace -- where you have your spreadsheets and e-mails open. When your boss leaves, just Alt-~ back to your game (which, uh, will continue running while your boss is there, sorry; send mail to the game developer, and tell them they need to support the BeOS' "Boss Coming" feature by pausing the game whenever their Workspace is not being displayed).

We admit, a few people will likely use this feature for other things. But now you know how Workspaces came to be on the BeOS!

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