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More Tips!


For our 25th Tip of the Week, how about a Tip about getting more tips.

That's right, we're not the only ones writing tips about using the BeOS. There's a very nice third-party web site, where you can go to get a tip if you need one, or publish a tip if you've discovered something neat.

Check out the BeOS Tip Server at:

The Tip Server breaks its tips into functional categories (unlike the BeOS Tip of the Week, which is more sequentially oriented), like Networking and the Tracker. There's a lot of good stuff there, and if you've become a BeOS expert, this is your chance to become a published author!

Another outstanding resource, especially for people new to the BeOS, is the on-going experience of columnist Scot Hacker with ZDNet. You can read his old columns, and catch the new ones, at the OS User site (formerly known as BeHive):

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