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Creating a Be User Group

The first Be User Group (BUG) was formed in February of 1996. At the time, Be was a tiny, cutting-edge company that a few people had heard of -- but not many folks had actually seen a BeBox in action. Encouraging developers to start their own user's groups for this new computer may have seemed a bit headstrong. But it paid off. The Beatitudes spread by word-of-mouth aided, in large part, by the BUGs that have grown up in the last 12 months.

Over the last year, we've found that the most effective -- and the most in-tune -- agencies for spreading the word about Be are the Be User Groups (BUGs).

A BUG provides a place for local Be-interested folks to gather and exchange ideas. There are already a number of BUGs around the world -- in Europe, United States, Canada, Australia -- but we'd love more.

BUGs are easy to start -- you don't need to be a computer professional, or own your own company -- all you need is access to the internet, a Web site where you can post info about your BUG (this can be your own home page), and some friends that share your interest in Be.

Here's how

If you would like to start a BUG in your community, please send a request to


Please include the following information:

  • Your name, e-mail address and URL, street address, and telephone number.

  • What you want to call your BUG (you get to name it).

  • A description of your BUG's goals and interests with regard to Be and the BeOS. For example, you could propose a BUG that's primarily interested in sound, graphics, or networking.

  • A brief proposed "schedule" -- how often do you think you'll hold meetings, where will they be held, how many folks are (initially) interested in your group, and so on.

What Be does for you

We can't guarantee that every BUG request will be "endorsed" by Be -- but for those that we can accommodate, here's what we'll do for you:

  • We'll register your group as an "official" BUG. This will allow you to receive special information from Be.

  • We'll ship you brochures and datasheets anytime you need them (just ask).

  • We'll let the Be developers in your area know about your BUG -- you might be surprised how many of them are willing to help you organize and run meetings.

  • We'll post all the info about your group on the Be Web site, and will provide a link to your BUG page.

And, in general, we'll try to help and support your group as much as we can. For example, when we plan our demo tours, we try to put the BUGs at the top of the list of places to visit.

What you do for Be

If you're accepted as a BUG, all we ask is that you send us up-to-date information about your meetings (schedules, programs, etc.) so we can post this info on the Be Website.

By the way, there's no fee for starting a BUG -- we're not trying to make money from the BUGs, all we want is your interest and enthusiasm! BUGs are extremely important to Be; the service that your BUG can provide in allowing Be-folks to congregate and trade ideas is invaluable and greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the Be User Group Family!
The Be team

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