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Terms and Conditions

Prices. All prices, product configurations, and product specifications are subject to change without notice. Prices on any product ordered may be subject to change if an order is modified before fulfillment. Be, Inc is cannot be held responsible for typographical or other errors on this Internet web site or in other publications.

Exchange Rates. All prices, unless otherwise explictly stated, are quoted in U.S. Dollars. By accepting an order, Be, Inc. does not guarantee any specific currency exchange rate. In general, the currency conversion will be handled by the credit card company, bank or other agency you choose to make payment through.

Shipping. If your shipment is lost or damaged in transit, you must make a claim with the shipping company. You should also contact Be, Inc. and inform us of the loss so that appropriate actions may be taken. All availability and shipping dates and estimated are tenative. Be is not responsible for shipping delays, or any damages that may be caused by such delays.

Taxes and Duties. All taxes and duties are the responsibility of the purchaser, unless otherwise noted on the order form. In countries outside of the U.S., it is possible your shipment will be held by the delivery company until taxes and duties are paid. In general in these cases, you will be contacted by the shipping company when your order arrives within your country.

Export restrictions. Any or all of the products ordered may be subject to export sale or resale restrictions, and you acknowledge that you will comply with such regulations or restrictions.

Ownership and Payments. Once an order is shipped by Be, Inc., product ownership is transferred to you and payment is immediately due. In most cases, payment will be handled electronically via your selected credit card or payment method.

Payment Verification. Upon receipt of your order, Be, Inc. will verify your payment information, and verify available credit limits on credit card orders, or account information in the case of payment by check. Orders to be paid by check will be held until the check is received by Be, Inc. Be, Inc. will notify you if there is any problem in this process.

Be is an equal opportunity employer.

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