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Be Demo Days

Demo Days in Menlo Park

Be holds open demos of the Be System and the latest in Be technology, most Fridays at 3 pm at our Menlo Park offices (see the Menlo Park directions page). Stop by to get a full demo of the BeOS and talk to some of the people who are writing the software behind it all. All attendees will receive a copy of the BeOS demo CD for Intel and compatible processors.

Reservations Requested

The Menlo Park demo days are open, but because of the demand we've had, we ask that you make a reservation in advance (due to space constraints in our facilities.) To make a reservation for a demo day any time in the future, please contact us at demodays@be.com with your name and date requested. We'll be right back to you to confirm. You WILL need a confirmation from us in order to attend, though, as our Demo Days have become quite popular lately.

Groups are Welcome

We've had a number of developer groups and others through our demo days program - groups are definitely welcome. Please contact us at demodays@be.com for reservations and further information. You'll need a confirmation back from us that we'll be able to accomodate your group, too.

Demo Days in Paris, France

Demo Days at the Be offices in Paris are held on Wednesdays at 2 pm. For more information please refer to our European Demo Days page.


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