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Be Alliances

A wide array of companies are working with Be through partnerships, licensing agreements, and/or technology sharing agreements to bring the BeOS and BeBox to life.

These links will take you to their home pages:

Intel Corp.
Creators of the Pentium® Processor, Intel has provided Be with invaluable technical assistance and resources in porting the BeOS to their x86 architecture.


Creators of the preferred development environment for the Be Operating System, CodeWarrior, which also runs on a wide variety of other platforms.


The UMAX family of companies is a technology leader in the design and manufacturing of a full line of imaging and computer products.


Powered by Motorola and IBM, the microprocessors at the heart of the BeBox systems.


Silicon Graphics, Inc.
Developers of the OpenGL 3-D language, which is integrated into the BeOS.


PowerQuest Corp.
Developers of software designed to help users manage their PC hard disks. PowerQuest has an OEM agreement with Be allowing Be to license the patented technology found within their product, PartitionMagic®.


Sun Microsystems
Developers of the Java language, which is being integrated into the BeOS with assistance by Metrowerks.


alt.software Inc.
Writers of drivers for more operatings systems than we can count, alt.software has written some of the drivers included with the BeOS.


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