Registering the BeOS

Registering the BeOS

Registering your copy of the BeOS entitles you to discounts on future releases. Please register now; we need your address in order to send you upgrade offers and other information. Registration also gives you access to a special Registered Users Area on the Be web site (, which features late-breaking BeOS news and special offers.

If you ordered your copy of the BeOS from Be, you're already registered. To access the Registered Users Area, however, you'll need to confirm your registration and pick up your password. You can use the Order Number you received when you ordered from Be (in your order confirmation e-mail or on your packing slip / invoice) to access the Registered Users Area. Once there, you can check your contact information and create a password for the Registered Users Area.

If you purchased the BeOS elsewhere, use the Registration Number (found on the back of the BeOS User's Guide) to access the Registered Users Area. Once there, enter your name, mailing address, and e-mail address, and you'll be registered to receive news of future BeOS updates and special offers.

If you're unsure how you acquired your copy of the BeOS, use the Registration Number on the back of the BeOS User's Guide to get into the Registered Users Area. Re-register, and we'll determine if you were registered previously or not.

If you have further questions about the BeOS or your registration, the Be web site ( is the best place to go for answers. Once you've registered, check the Be web site often. It's constantly updated, and provides information on BeOS software updates, and on applications available for the BeOS.

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